Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Adam Matthew acquired by SAGE

This is the news release from SAGE that has been sent out to libraries today:
As a valued customer of Adam Matthew we wanted to give you someexciting news before the official announcement is released tomorrow(Thursday 11th October).
During our work this year with SAGE ( it has become
clear that our two businesses share the same core values andapproaches to quality publishing. As a result of these fundamentalalignments, and the ambitious plans for both companies, Adam Matthewis now a part of the SAGE Group:
SAGE has acquired Adam Matthew Digital and Adam Matthew Education. Theacquisition was concluded on 5th October, 2012, but remains strictlyconfidential until a public announcement is made tomorrow (11th Oct,2012).
There will be no changes to the Adam Matthew team or structure. The
business will continue to operate from its offices in Marlborough,Wiltshire and Chicago, IL under its existing management team who willcontinue to maintain all existing customer relationships.
Adam Matthew’s product fit, and the strongly aligned brand values with
SAGE, make this an exciting opportunity for the next phase in AdamMatthew’s development.
Both SAGE and Adam Matthew strongly believe in high quality products
and editorial integrity. With the agreement that Adam Matthew willcontinue to operate independently, but with the backing of SAGE, theapproach to creative, high value product development that has definedboth companies will be strengthened further.
All existing contracts will remain between Adam Matthew and its
partners, not transferred to SAGE. Please see this link:<> for important clarification on the retention ofdigital materials and access to our collections.
From January 2013 SAGE will begin selling and marketing Adam Matthew
products globally.
SAGE’s global presence will enable the further dissemination of Adam
Matthew products into new markets. Recent expansion has shown thatthere is a great appetite for Adam Matthew products and thisrelationship will support that demand.
All enquiries relating to Adam Matthew products will continue to be
managed by the Adam Matthew team.
We are extremely excited about this new relationship and believe the
next phase of Adam Matthew’s growth and development will be very wellsupported by the SAGE Group. We look forward to discussing thesedevelopments with you over the next few months as we meet many of youon our travels around the world.
Many thanks for your continued support,
The Adam Matthew Team |

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